Masterclasses and individual piano lessons

In the masterclasses and lessons you will receive tuition and advice, and have the opportunity to share ideas with the group. Please bring two to five pieces from your repertoire that you have been working on and wish to improve. You will get the most out of the masterclass sessions if you have the pieces confidently under your fingers. You may like to bring some additional repertoire to perform in the evening concerts, or you can perform some of the pieces you have been working on in the classes.

These sessions are intended to be a supportive and enjoyable learning experience. There will be no pressure to perform if you prefer not to.

Details of the programme in 2019

The pianist as an accompanist (to be confirmed – an alternative may be substituted)

Course attendees will be provided with a list of songs of varying difficulty for Claire Weston’s accompanist classes. We will supply  links to copyright-free downloads of the scores well in advance of the course, to give you plenty of time to learn the music. The aim of these classes is to work on the skill of accompanying, so we suggest that you choose a piece which is well within your capability. You can either work on one of the suggested songs, or supply us in advance with the song to work on with Claire.

Yoga to support the pianist

The individual yoga sessions with Izzy can be tailored to your preferences, and may include some of the following:

  • awareness of your body and areas of tension when away from the piano
  • awareness of your body and areas of tension when you are at the piano
  • breathing and how to control it
  • understanding your response to pressure/stress and how to manage it
  • tuning in to what you are playing – getting in the zone to perform
  • pre-performance nerves and what to do about them
You will be sent a form before the course to choose the areas which you would like to focus on with Izzy.

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